Janet Echelman and Google light up the sky with 'Unnumbered Sparks'

Janet Echelman and Google light up the sky with 'Unnumbered Sparks'

A new interactive art installation

Video: YouTube
Image: Design Boom

Artist Janet Echelman and creative director at Google’s creative lab, Aaron Koblin, have collaborated to create an other-worldly, interactive art installation that's lighting up the Vancouver skyline

The creative piece, titled 'Unnumbered Sparks', spans across 745 feet dangling from a skyscraper near the Vancouver Convention Center, shimmering with its vibrant coloured glow, creating a cosmic atmosphere for its onlookers.

Spectators can also control what they see - with an option to add to the interactive mesh net by using a special WiFi network and app on their smartphones and tablets. The small movements and shapes made on the phones, get beamed onto the surface of the sculpture at a massive scale, becoming an artistic canvas designed by the public.

"When you look at the sculpture, you’re looking at a web browser," the creative team explained ‘the lighting on the sculpture is actually a single full-screen Google Chrome window over 10 million pixels in size.”

The unique project which premiered at the TED conference’s 30th anniversary, will be on display until March 22 before it travels to other cities around the world.