Inside Mary-Kate Olsen's new home

Inside Mary-Kate Olsen's new home

A five-bedroom townhouse in NYC

Image: Curbed

Mary-Kate Olsen has purchased a new property in New York City alongside her partner and apparent fiancé, Olivier Sarkozy

According to reports, Mary-Kate Olsen and her rumoured fiancé Olivier Sarkozy have bought a five-bedroom townhouse in New York City, after recently selling their own home to artist Aaron Young.

According to The New York Post, the pair bought the rare Turtle Bay Gardens house in April for a rumoured $13.5 million from painter David Deutsch. The property is spread across six floors, and the uniquely-decorated luxury residence includes a private garden complete with water fountain, a hall of mirrors, a ballroom, a rooftop exercise pool, an artist's studio, and its own elevator – naturally. 

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