'HEXI' an interactive wall by Thibaut Sld

'HEXI' an interactive wall by Thibaut Sld

Created with 60 wall-mounted panels

Image: Vimeo
Image: Design Boom

Geometry, light, movement and mechanisms combine in a new installation by Canada-based graphic designer Thibaut Sld

The 'HEXI' is a responsive wall, created with a series of 60 machined aluminium and PVC modules that react to nearby movement. 

French-trained artist, Thibaut Sld, equipped the art piece with visual servo systems and cameras, collecting real-time data with motion tracking technology to decipher and interpret behaviour made from a person, as they move in front of the installation.

HEXI wall

The information that's collected is then used by the panels to instantly act in-sync and move with the person, creating a mesmerising and revolutionary experience for its audience.

Watch below now:

responsive hexi wall fluctuates based on nearby movements from designboom on Vimeo.