Watch now: Hermès are 'feline' the light with a new video campaign

For the Hermès Collection Luminaires

Hermès have released a new feline focussed video featuring a cast of cats who star alongside the six-piece, Collection Luminaires, lineup of lamps. Take a look at how curiosity lit the cat...

Hermès has created a new feline based video campaign for its interiors lighting system – Hermès Collection Luminaires – and it is delightful. The video features different domestic cats interacting with the house's light features in different scenarios, showcasing the six-piece collection. Playing with the infamously curious nature of the cat, the video is set to an inquisitive soundtrack as cats are illuminated under the freestanding lamps. 

The light collection took almost three years to complete, designed by Milanese architect, Michele de Lucchi, under instruction from Hermès' artistic director, Pierre-Alexis Dumas and it was first revealed last spring. This new video shows he precise and elegant lighting creations in, how else can we put it, a new light.  Watch it above.