Henry Wilson transforms old bakery into new Sydney Aesop store

Henry Wilson transforms old bakery into new Sydney Aesop store

Design team unveils original sandstone walls and fireplaces

Image: Aesop

Australian-based Henry Wilson Studio unveil their latest design transformation of a former Sydney bakery into a new retail space for skincare brand Aesop, exposing the venue's original settings

Whilst designing the Aesop store, Henry Wilson Studio attempted to retain and expose as much of the original features as possible, re-working them into the new design as a reference to the location and history of the Australian building.

The design team chose native timbers and a pale colour palette for the interior to complement the impressive sandstone walls, and transformed the 'off the shelf' industrial elements to create interior fittings such as shelving and sink frames.

"The stone walls are typical for buildings of the area, and of that era," said designer Henry Wilson, "Sydney sandstone is unique in its yellow colour and grey veins. It's soft and easy to work and the evidence of the primitive tools and unskilled labour can be seen in all the original blockwork."

Industrial sheets of metal have been used as shelving units to display Aesop's wide range of skin care products, while cane furniture, a slab of locally sourced sandstone used as a register stand, hanging plant baskets and exposed copper pipes fill the rest of the store's interior.

This branch joins a long list of unique Aesop stores that have been completed by various architects and designers.



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