Frank Gehry is said to be building two more offices for Facebook

Frank Gehry is said to be building two more offices for Facebook

An additional 1 million square feet of space in the works?

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Reports have surfaced that social media giant Facebook are building two more offices in Menlo Park, California – tapping acclaimed architect Frank Gehry for the collaboration...

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and esteemed architect Frank Gehry will once again collaborate, this time to build two further offices in addition to its new HQ – also in Menlo Park, California. 

The extra offices will provide Facebook with an additional one million square feet of space, and will follow in the same vein aesthetically as its original and new Frank Gehry-designed HQ. The only other detail reported right now is that one of the buildings is likely to have a 2,000-person auditorium. Apple are also building a new auditorium on its campus to host events, to save from having to rent outdoor venues.

The two new Facebook buildings will be created on the 58 acre site that the social media giant purchased last year, according to a report from the LA Times. Nine existing buildings will have to be demolished to accommodate the new offices. Facebook wrote in a letter to the city requesting approval for the project: "We believe our project will positively transform this part of Menlo Park by converting a heavy-industrial site into a vibrant campus that fosters collaboration and innovation."