Frank Gehry opens his first architectural design for Australia in Sydney

Frank Gehry opens his first architectural design for Australia in Sydney

Dubbed the 'brown paper bag'

The Gehry is out of the bag! The new building, designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, has been officially opened in Sydney, Australia. The 'brown paper bag' building was commissioned for the UTS Business School...

The official opening of the Sydney-based, Frank Gehry-designed, UTS Business School took place earlier this week, allowing the Australian city to join the esteemed company of L.A, Berlin, Bilbao, Paris and Barcelona among others, as proud exhibitors of the masterful creations of the Canadian born architect. 

The Chau Chak Wing Business School building, which cost £93 million to build and has been named after businessman and philanthropist, Dr Chau Chak Wing, has been dubbed by the local media as the 'brown paper bag' and its easy to see why. The "flexible" building's facade curves like a pliable paper bag, that contains the "spirit of invention" for the schools ambitious students within its brown brick walls.

The structural design of the building employs only a few fixed parts, which Gehry hopes will allow the building to be changed over time to meet the changing needs of its users. He hopes that: "People will invent ways to use it."

Gehry, whose work has been likened to Picasso by the judges of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which he won in 1989, first conceived of the designs for the school five years ago, and this is his first commission in Australia.