Must read: The Frank Gehry monograph book is released

Must read: The Frank Gehry monograph book is released

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Publishers, Prestel, have released a comprehensive monograph of the work of Frank Gehry. Discover the iconic building's designed by the internationally renowned architect within...

We at Buro 24/7 Middle East have been long-time admirers, like so many others, of Frank Gehry's work. The american architect is celebrated the world over for his imaginative, creative and unique building designs, that include such masterpieces as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Bilbao's Guggenheim and the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris to name just a few. 

Editors Frederic Migayrou and Aurelien Lemonier, are among the many Gehry fans out there and have compiled a detailed monograph book, published by Prestel, full of images and technical information as well as Gehry's creative influences and process. Simply titled 'Frank Gehry' the book is set out in chronological order, and is the best way to discover and enjoy the prolific and iconic work of this legendary architect, short of visiting each of his creations in person. 

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