First look: 'Mad Men's' award-winning set design

First look: 'Mad Men's' award-winning set design

Retro chic

Image: Mad Men - AMC

After global recognition among its cast, writing, direction and overall performance, AMC’s critically-acclaimed series 'Mad Men' has now unveiled an inside look at the show’s various sets

Mad Men takes a walk down memory lane this week as the famed television show – which is in its final season – gives its fans a glimpse behind the iconic sets of Matthew Weiner's Mad Men.

The rare-access views showcase the hot spots created by production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Claudette Didul, from Don Draper's Park Avenue apartment to the agency's Time & Life Building office.

The vintage sets include iconic 1960s era technology and furniture, featuring old school panelling on the walls, inset TV's inside the bedroom and architecturally-designed lampshades

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