Swarovski and Emirati designer showcases kaleidoscopic installation

Swarovski and Emirati designer showcases kaleidoscopic installation

Dubai Design Week exclusive

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Swarovski

Partnering with local designer Zeinab Al Hashemi, Swarovski presents a dazzling piece to showcase its continuing support for the art and design movement.

Luxury jewellery maker Swarovski made its debut at Dubai Design Week with a large installation created in collaboration with Emirati conceptual designer, Zeinab Al Hashemi. Standing at 1.5 metres high and 3 metres wide, the sparkling "Hexalite" structure, is created from 33 hexagonal mirrored-steel frames as well as 1,145 Swarovski crystals, making for a myriad of refracted light reflections.

Dubai Design Week: Swarovski and Emirati designer showcases Kaleidoscopic Installation

"There is a lot of illusion in my works, which gives you one part of the truth and the rest of it is a possibility," said Al Hashemi. "I look at the piece as a four-dimensional piece. We live in a three-dimensional world with the fourth being time, and to me, your exploration around sculpture from one point to another needs time and as you move, it gives you movement."

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