Design Ras AL Khor set to return to Dubai Design Week

Design Ras AL Khor set to return to Dubai Design Week

Celebrating Wood

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Design Ras Al Khor

Running in conjunction with Dubai Design Week 2016, the second edition of DRAK will draw attention to another creative district in the emirate...

Design Ras AL Khor (DRAK) has announced that it will be returning to Dubai Design Week this year. Designed to promote the creative landscape at the Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, DRAK's second edition will centre around the theme Celebrating Wood and features four emerging designers: Tulip Hazbar, Hind Bin Demaithan, Hala Kaiksow and Lina Younes. Other highlights at this year's show include the 'Aleni' seat by David Trubridge, Surfaces Sonores by Pierre Charrie and Bil Arabi pieces by Nadine Kanso.


"We are very excited to be returning to Ras Al Khor with our second edition of DRAK," said Khalid Sharfar, Co-Founder of DRAK. "We are dedicated to transforming this part of Dubai into a creative district that will inspire and nurture future generations of creative talent. We are working with four very interesting designers this year and are planning a series of interesting talks and events to support the DRAK initiative."


Dubai Design Week and DRAK will run from September 24-29. For more information, visit Also, read about what's in store during the fourth edition of Downtown Design.

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