Bjarke Ingels Group protective 'Big U' proposal for Manhattan

Bjarke Ingels Group protective 'Big U' proposal for Manhattan

Rebuild by design

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Image: Bjarke Ingels Group

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, BIG share their big plans to protect Manhattan with a rather large 'U'

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have proposed plans for a 10 mile 'U-shape' structure to protect lower Manhattan from storms and natural disasters. After dedicating research time and collecting the public's feedback, BIG are one of 10 companies proposing such plans for Sandy-affected regions as part of the 'Rebuild by Design' initiative.

The ribbon formation circles Manhattan, starting from west 57th street south to the battery and north to east 42nd street, protecting the region's vulnerable and low-lying areas.

Aside from its protective aspects, the 'big U' offers many social, environmental and economic added extras, including a beautiful waterfront. The formation is built up of three compartments, which function independently yet work in unison to protect the city.