Bernd Zimmermann's mirror covered house

Bernd Zimmermann's mirror covered house

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Image: De Zeen

The facade of a 1950s house in south-west Germany has been transformed into a giant funhouse mirror as part of a renovation by German architect Bernd Zimmermann

Tasked with modernising a 60-year-old vernacular house in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart – to create a modern home for a married couple, Bernd Zimmermann's design, now known as 'House wz2', has added voids through the interior to bring in more light.

The architect was unable to change the proportions of the building, and so re-clad the exterior with polished stainless steel panels so that the house completely mirrors its surroundings.

"The stainless steel covering, coherent on walls and roof, reflects the environment and wants the house to dematerialise, in order to adapt to the existing surrounding without being subordinated to it," said Zimmermann. Each of the panels is slightly flexible, creating reflections that distort reality, but also providing an ever-changing display of light and shadow. Zimmermann also added glazed partitions to allow residents to survey activities taking place below them.

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