Moatasem Esmat's geometric 'Nexus' museum concept

Moatasem Esmat's geometric 'Nexus' museum concept

A modern vision for natural science in the heart of Berlin

Image: Design Boom

The 'Nexus' proposal by architect Moatasem Esmat is a new architectural vision for The Berlin Natural Sciences Museum

Moatasem Esmat's 'Nexus' proposal is a new structure articulated by a variety of connecting geometric volumes - based around the natural flow of the site - the building will sit gently within Berlin's urban landscape.

Made up of two structural composition's that are both solid and symbolic, the design integrates an inner courtyard that offers views from the inside and helps to administer sustainability features.

The interiors of the 'Nexus' will be a constant source of creativity as visitors will able to walk through the site in a continuous exhibition space that lines the inner part of the museum. The building's exterior design helps blend the structure further within its context of natural science and its surrounding city, as green roofs are placed on top of its concrete components.
A mixture between metal cladding and concrete materials also provides a strong dynamic pattern, helping the ground floor to stand out with its subtle yet contrasting colour combination. 



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