Baccarat's scenography at San Carpoforo in Milan

Baccarat's scenography at San Carpoforo in Milan

The French crystal house chose a unique Italian church setting

Image: Baccarat,
by Andrea Martiradonna

Baccarat, the epitome of French Art de Vivre, selected the Church of San Carpoforo in Italy to celebrate '250 years of light' during the Salone del Mobile as part of Milan Design Week

Baccarat's unconventional staging for its recent Salone del Mobile activity highlighted the opulence of the company's stunning crystals, with the austere character of the primitive stone backdrop of San Carpoforo Church in Milan. 

The unique place of worship was transformed into a luxurious surrounding of light and furniture, with its central focus on the 'Zenith' chandelier, holding 84 individual sparkling lights.

Baccarat's iconic pieces challenged convention as an 'ode to desire', making each moment unforgettable. The innovative scenography features glasses from the Harcourt, Mille Nuits, Claire de Lune and Vega collections, filling the dining room piece by piece.

The lounge area showcased the 'Sun Dial' as a feature and metaphor for time, eternity and light... The showcase culminated in a bedroom and bathroom area, which held the Zenith Image chandelier, a contemporary vision of light – Baccarat's signature.