The World Cup's Arena da Amazônia

The World Cup's Arena da Amazônia

In the middle of the Amazon Rainforest

Image: Design Boom

The unassuming city of Manaus in Brazil is going to be home to much focus in coming months – as it hosts the World cup at the Arena da Amazônia

Sitting in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, 900 miles up the Amazon River in Brazil's isolated Amazonas state, bordering Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru is the mighty "The Amazon Arena"  – a place that will host four matches next month – including one featuring the English team

The England coach has in fact been involved in exchanging words with the mayor of Manaus after complaining about the prospect of having to play "in the middle of the Amazonian jungle."

So perhaps with already more to prove than any other of Brazil's 12 other World Cup host cities, it also has cost $300 million to build the 42,000-seat stadium in an isolated port town.

"I didn't have any idea how difficult this would be," said Eraldo Boechat Leal, Executive Coordinator of the the project management unit overseeing all World Cup preparations for the state of Amazonas. "It was a huge, huge, huge challenge."

Discover the stadium in the gallery below, now:

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