A closer look at Alexander Wang's new furniture designs

A closer look at Alexander Wang's new furniture designs

The new minister of interiors...

Enjoy a closer look at the cool and sophisticated new furniture creations by Alexander Wang + Poltrona Frau. Two luxuriously textured beanbag chairs and a sharp matte trunk bar...

When news crossed the Buro 24/7 lifestyle desk last week that Alexander Wang had created a limited interiors line, we couldn't wait to share the news with you. Now you can enjoy a closer look at Wang's furniture collection, made in collaboration with Poltrona Frau. 

The limited three piece lounge collection is made up of a bar cabinet that is wrapped in black shagreen and opens up to shining contoured brass shelving. This is balanced by two brass-footed beanbag chairs, one in black shearling, and another version of the chair in black leather.

Wang has expanded on the significance of the decision to focus on a beanbag chair design: "I always loved this idea of hanging out in a basement on bean bags. But taking that youthfulness and re-contextualizing it into something very luxurious and aspirational. Poltrona Frau has such a deep history and incredible knowledge of furniture design. Their level of craftsmanship with furniture is truly distinguished, and together we were able to create something that I'm really excited to introduce." Its enough to make us want to redecorate entirely.

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