The top 10 brands visiting Dubai for Downtown Design

The top 10 brands visiting Dubai for Downtown Design

Running from October 28-31

Image: Downtown Design

With only two weeks left to go, Buro 24/7 Middle East highlights some of the must-see brands coming to Downtown Design this month

As the Middle East's leading platform for contemporary original design, Downtown Design will feature a beautifully curated collection of the design world's most innovative creations – giving Dubai a glimpse into the future of design.

The brands that will be showcased are a combination of the world's most respected in their fields as well as new designers – each shaping the evolution of interior design. Join us as we look at ten of the top brands and what they're bringing to the table at Downtown Design from October 28–31...


The famed German manufacturer, known for making high-end home appliances for over three centuries, will soon be introducing its brand new CX 480 induction cooktop which can be used as one large cooking zone. The futuristic cooktop automatically identifies the pan-type and size and will provide the right amount of heat regardless of its position.

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The brand famous for creating opulent mosaics – which have graced the interiors of the world's most 5-star hotels such as the Plaza in New York and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi –will showcase its brand new gold collection. Each mosaic that makes up the collection features 24-karat gold and shimmering iridescent glass hand-cut by the artists and craftsmen of Ravenna – resulting in an ultra-modern spectacle of gold-on-gold designs from Italy.

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Khatt by Loci 

In collaboration with Swedish-based flooring company BOLON, Khatt is the brainchild born from the partnership of regional designers, made in the heart of the UAE, and is a modern stand for the traditional men's and women's wear  the kandora and abaya. Keeping the modern Arab man and woman in mind, the design was built by Loci, a Dubai-based design studio which used the finest walnut, leather and brushed steel. 

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For the first time this year, original design masterpieces from Latvian designers will be showcased at Downtown Design. A notable design among them is Freeform  a hanging chair which is made from volcanic basalt fibers. Each piece is hand-made in Latvia by master-craftsmen that subdue the basalt fibres into unique and ornate patterns. 

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After quickly becoming one of the world's most premium glass lighting specialists, the Czech Republic-based company will be introducing a new design by Petra Krausova, the ALICE. The new fixture is a kinetic bloom of light that opens and closes its hand-blown glass petals like a natural flower. Inspired by the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, the delicate piece is made from a number of glass segments, with each piece assembled by hand to ensure pristine perfection. 

Kohler - Moxie wireless speaker-shower combo


Reflecting the fast evolution of technology and the way we live, the 140-year-old American company Kohler will soon unveil the Moxie  a wireless speaker-showerhead combo blended into one product. Always at the forefront of furniture manufacturing, Kohler's new invention will let you listen to music in the shower without risking any damage to your smartphone or MP3 player

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Italian-based Elica is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of range hoods for the kitchen, and will soon be unveiling its newest designs in the star collection. The fully functioning range-hoods, which looks more like a crystal chandelier, feature the most cutting-edge air purification technology and modern design, ideal for people who want a stylish kitchen and the purest air. 

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Vitra continues to be one of the leading pioneers in design since the creation of their company in 1950, redefining modern comfort seating with its famed Eames Lounge and Ottoman chairs. Maintaining its timeless appeal from 1956, the two designs were created by the legendary Charles and Ray Eames and continue to me made from the finest grade material  becoming a collectors item for any home.  

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Global Persian company, Golran, has become a global interior sensation as it uses clever op-art lenticular techniques to make its carpets appear to change style and colour, depending on the angle you look at them. Hailing from the Iranian city of Mashad, Golran  which started in 1989  focuses primarily on quality, expanding into many countries as it's now one of the most qualified in the sector. 

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This month, Sahrai – the luxury Persian carpet maker  will be showcasing its latest custom made rug from silk and Swarovski crystals. The delicate pieces are so refined that Sahrai have chosen to display them on mannequins to highlight the sparkle of the crystals used – combining flooring and fashion.

Like a fashion house, Sahrai will also be providing a custom-made service with its 'Prêt-à-Porter' collections, which make it possible for customers to personalise rugs in terms of design, colour and dimension. 


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