10 architects create their fantasy homes

10 architects create their fantasy homes

A dream project

Image: Solo Houses

This is what happens when architects are given a piece of land to create their dream homes, as part of an experiment titled “Solo Houses”

In the "Solo Houses" experiment, by French developer Christian Bourdais, 10 architects were invited to develop vacation homes in southern Catalonia, Spain, with absolutely no brief. There was no limit as to what the architects could design - they were simply given land, which acted as a blank canvas for them to explore their creativity and develop what they considered to be exceptional homes of the 21st century.


Never lacking creativity, architects at times, lack the freedom to explore this artistic energy with clients having preferences when building their homes - not to mention some hefty building restrictions - which inevitably forces architects to loose their personal vision. The results of this experiment have lead to some of the most beautiful, unique and breathtaking homes - which are now available for sale. 


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