The sleek new ThinBike by Schindelhauer

The sleek new ThinBike by Schindelhauer

Small but perfectly formed

Sleek city wheels don't come much smarter than the ThinBike by Schindelhauer – making practicality a thing of beauty

Inspired by the demands of inner city living, German bicycle designers Schindelhauer, present the ThinBike. The perfect response to the need for a tough riding urban bike with safe discreet storage. Unlike attempts before it that have achieved foldable easy to stow bikes, which compromise the performance quality, ThinBike manages to remain ‘a real bike.’

The sleek new ThinBike by Schindelhauer (фото 1)

The bike comes in a smart shade of polar white and features specialised carbon drive combined with a two-gear hub to always ensure the right drive in city turmoil. The foldable peddles and handle bars and sleek thin frame make it easy to store in even the most compact living spaces. 

The sleek new ThinBike by Schindelhauer (фото 2)

The ThinBike debuted at the Berliner Fahrradschau Bicycle Show earlier this year and its clever modern form has won it a coveted Red Dot Award for design innovation. 

All we can say is – it's just as well it can be stored safely in your home beacause it looks like it runs a high risk of being purloined if left unaccompanied...


Priced at 1,195 the ThinBike is available via Schindelhauer online