The wheel that will change bikes forever

The wheel that will change bikes forever

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The Copenhagen Wheel introduces a whole new take on biking
With all of our advancements in transportation, it seems many are reverting back to older traditions of transport. Biking is increasingly becoming more popular - keeping us physically fit and more importantly leaving less of a carbon footprint on our slowly deteriorating planet.  
The wheel that will change bikes forever (фото 1)
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The Copenhagen Wheel, a new gadget led by researchers of MIT, is a device that can be added onto your existing bike wheel turning it into a smart electric hybrid.  The device stores energy that you produce while pedalling and saves it for when you may need it the most.  Connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, an app records and learns how you pedal - allowing the mini engine to integrate seamlessly with your motion and runs the engine when you need that extra boost. Cyclists will no longer be out of breath pedalling up steep hills, or riding for long distances - the wonders of technology! 



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