The unstealable bike

The unstealable bike

Thief proof wheels

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Whilst it may not be a big concern for the GCC's residents, our friends in Europe, America and beyond, have to be constantly wary of bike thieves. Enter the Yerka Project – a bike that once locked up claims to be totally unstealable...

Juan, Andres and Cristobal – three Chilean engineers – have designed a bike that they claim, once properly locked up, is impossible to steal without it being broken. Titled the Yerka Project, the bike looks like your average urban bicycle but what sets it apart is a closing frame device, which means the only way to break the lock is to break the frame... And no thief wants a broken bike.

"We are three engineering students, that being victims of the theft of our bicycles, decided to develop a technology that prevents this," said the 3 founders. "Today we continue to develop this project, which we believe will be a huge help for all of you, bike enthusiasts."

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