The Halfbike a new mobile design by Kolelinia

The Halfbike a new mobile design by Kolelinia

Minimalist transport for the concrete jungle

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Redefining urban mobility and compact transportation, design lab Kolelinia, announces the commercial release of its new creation, the Halfbike

Arizona-based start up, Kolelinia, founded by architects Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov - a dynamic duo who have been creating urban design solutions since 2008 - have recently unveiled their newest invention, the Halfbike

The personal transport device was designed for short commuting trips within the city as well as leisure or fitness purposes. The unique-looking tricycle consists of a laser-cut aluminium frame which supports the wheels, pedals and a plywood steering handle.

Unlike a traditional bicycle, the rider must stand and pedal instead of sit and can only turn by having the rider tilt left or right as it moves.

To stop the Halfbike,  a single hand brake is has been placed at the top of the device, ensuring safety and control, with its compact and light construction making it easy to carry onboard public transport and around small spaces.

With a Kickstarter campaign helping fund the manufacturing of the first batch of Halfbikes, Kolelinia's latest futuristic transport device is expected to become available this September.

Watch how the Halfbike works below:

Halfbike now on Kickstarter from on Vimeo.

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