‘The Dreamer’ by Peace Bicycles

‘The Dreamer’ by Peace Bicycles

Commuting in comfort and style

Image: Design Boom
Image: Kickstarter

Combining convenience, comfort and style, riders can easily commute in any form of clothing on 'The Dreamer'

Peace Bicycles, a Los Angeles-based bike business, has unveiled 'The Dreamer' - a concept that fuses elements of a dutch-style commuter with the comfort of an American beach cruiser.

'The Dreamer' is available in two different designs including 'step-thru' and 'straight-bar', which each come with a 7-speed transmission, up-right seating position, balloon tires that protect from pot-holes, a spring-loaded saddle and raised handlebars.

As well as boasting an attractive vintage-inspired design, 'The Dreamer' has a bike guard which allows riders the convenience to get around in any form of clothing from long skirts to business suits, which won't get caught in the spokes or chain.

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