Porsche Classic unveils branded motor oil

Porsche Classic unveils branded motor oil

Quality oil for quality engines

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Porsche Classic is introducing its own brand of motor oil for the demands its air-cooled, flat-four and flat-six engines

Developed at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, Germany, 'Porsche Classic Motoroil' was developed by Porsche Classic experts with the aim of meeting the demands of the 356, 911 and 993 models. 

Porsche classic motor oil

The oil comes in two weights - 20W-50 for the 356, 914 and 911 models up to the 2.7-liter G-Model and 10W-60 for 3.0-liters-and-up engines.

The luxury car company states that the air-cooled engines have different heat demands than traditional, water-cooled units, and this new oil is made to meet those requirements. 

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