Lucid Designs new folding 'Kit Bike'

Lucid Designs new folding 'Kit Bike'

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Image: Lucid Design

An Indian company called Lucid Design has unveiled a unique ‘bike in a bag’ design, easy to assemble and ride

According to the company, the Kit Bike would be assembled from a series of 21 parts which simply twist and lock together.

Similar to a conventional bike, the frame would be made from hollow aluminium tubes and would attach to steel wheel hubs on the side. Helping finish off the clean and contemporary aesthetic, is a leather seat, cork handlebar grips and a round stylish carrying bag.

new bicycle

"Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them," Amit Mirchandani, Lucid Design's creative director, told a source. "The Kit Bike was designed to make problems of shipping, travelling with and commuting with a bike, a thing of the past."

However, despite receiving a Red Dot 2014 Design Award for the concept, the company currently has no plans to put the bike into production.

new bicycle

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