KiraVan: The ultimate motorhome

KiraVan: The ultimate motorhome

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Image: Kiravan

The powerful and rugged-looking KiraVan is a modified Unimog that is powered by a Mercedes engine, and was built by a father for specially his daughter

This new off-roading vehicle was built by inventor Bran Ferren, who wanted to make a mobile home for himself and four-year old daughter Kira.

The KiraVan is able to travel for up to 2,000 miles without needing fuel supplies, and can travel across rivers and climb 45 degree slopes, all thanks to its Mercedes-made 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, which pumps out 260hp and 700ft-lb of torque.


The interior of the sturdy vehicle holds a four-door cabin, three sleeping areas, a full kitchen, a server-based media library, a working bathroom, a multi-faceted skylight, two computers with internet connection, satellite HDTV and a 4K monitor.

Between the 46-inch tires and lavish interior elements, the KiraVan is the ideal mobile home away from home.


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