Customise your ride with Fix Your Bike decals

Customise your ride with Fix Your Bike decals

Fitting the frame

Image: Fix Your Bike

Started by Danilo Leonardi and his passion for bicycles, 'Fix Your Bikes' is the newest and easiest way to customise your bike all by yourself

'Fix Your Bike' is a new adhesive graphics kit designed by Tagmi that allows you to customise your bike in unique and stylish decals. There are dozens of graphic patterns to choose from, satisfying every personality and mood.

Each kit contains 7 custom designed graphic pieces printed on a special polymeric film. The material can even withstand water, UV rays and abrasions and can last for up to five years. Every season the existing collection, will be replaced and supplemented by an array of new graphic designs that are each made in Italy.

The Fix Your Bike application process is very simple, using only a ruler and utility knife, anyone can follow tagmi's instructions to apply the graphic adhesive. 

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