Fastest car in the world: The Hennessey Venom GT

Fastest car in the world: The Hennessey Venom GT

Breaking speed records and a starting price of $1.2million

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The American supercar takes the title of ‘World’s Fastest’ from German brand Bugatti, surpassing the previous speed record

The Hennessey Venom GT has recently set a world speed record, after it's production car hit 270.49mph on the Kennedy Space Center's landing strip. Former race driver Brian Smith was reaching almost 400 feet per second while surpassing the previous record held by the  Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, at 268.86 mph. 

The handmade Texan supercar is equipped with 1,244-horsepower, a Lotus Exige and a  7.0-liter Corvette ZR-1 engine with added turbochargers.

This week it unleashed it's colossal power on the same 3.2-mile runway NASA used for space shuttle landings.

The car's speed of 270.49 mph beat Bugatti's record from 2010, however the German car will still remain the Guinness world record holder as Guinness requires two speed runs in opposite directions to account for wind changes, and Hennessey was only able to make one.

"We wanted to run in both directions, but the NASA guys wouldn't let us," a representative from Hennessey revealed, "The morning was relatively calm, about a 3 mph quarter-crosswind. If we'd run in both directions, the result would have been pretty much the same."

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