Watch now: /DRIVE takes 3 super cars to Monaco

Watch now: /DRIVE takes 3 super cars to Monaco

Buckle your seatbelts...

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This series gives viewers an exhilarating experience of what it's like to be in the drivers seat of a super car

When thinking of cars that hold a valuable legacy in the racing retrospect, three names resonate above the rest; Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren.

These three forces have maintained a respective supremacy in the realm of racecar driving and cater to passionate car fanatics who love the thrill of speed, agility and progressive sophistication in automotive technology.

Chris Harris and /DRIVE take viewers on a ride through the lavish country of Monaco, giving a current perspective of what happens during the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, a viewpoint that is hard to comprehend for those who have not attended the event. He engages viewers while driving the mentioned supercars, giving them an outlook of what it would be like to be in control of the worlds unrivalled automotive forces.

The first episode of the series is featured below:

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