Aston Martin unveils new car for upcoming James Bond film

Aston Martin unveils new car for upcoming James Bond film

The British spy's new ride

Aston Martin will hand-build 10 of the cars to be filmed in 'Spectre,' directed by Sam Mendes, however this time the new James Bond car will only be a production model...

Aston Martin has now unveiled the latest edition of the James Bond car at London's Pinewood Studios, set to be driven by Daniel Craig in the new 007 film by Sam Mendes called Spectre. The 24th installment in the Bond franchise is set for release in November 2015 and will feature the Aston Martin DB10 as one of the main stars.

With only ten of the cars being made (specifically for use in the film), they will each be hand-built at Aston Martin's headquarters in Gaydon, England. The British car manufacturer also said that it worked closely with Mendes and the movie's production staff on the design of the new car, stating the DB10 "gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins."

In addition, Aston Martin confirmed that the DB10 will adopt the company's manual transmission, a 6-speed unit that's currently only used with the V8 models in the lineup.