Introducing 'The Denny' – the bike of the future

Introducing 'The Denny' – the bike of the future

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Featuring an impressive design spec, The Denny has been created in America as part of a competition with Levi Strauss

Earlier this year, Levi Strauss teamed up with the non-profit organisation Oregon Manifest for a competition that paired some of America's best bike craftsmen with high-level design firms – to come up with a 'next-wave' urban bike.

After debuting the designs to the public last week, voting has closed and a winner announced... The Denny. 

Designed by Seattle-based industrial creatives at Teague. and bike builder Sizemore Bicycle, it features an auto-shifting electric assist that keeps you from exerting too much energy, LED turn signal indicators, a removable handlebar lock, storage space above the front tyre and a fender to reduce spray at the back. Genius.

Bike of the future

Bike of the future


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