New title: '20th Century Classic Cars'

New title: '20th Century Classic Cars'

100 years of automotive advertisements, by Jim Heimann and Phil Patton

Image: Taschen

Taschen's latest book offers a deep insight into the automotive industry, from the Model T and DB5 to the VW Beetle

A new book by graphic design historian Jim Heimann and automotive writer for The New York Times, Phil Patton, has been released titled 20th Century Classic Cars. 

The book looks back at the evolution of the auto, from a horseless carriage to a rocket on wheels. Offering a rich 400-plus visual history of the automobile, going through decades upon decades of Jim Heimann's collection of print advertisements from the motor world.

Wheels of History

The volume highlights everything one must know on the history of classic cars, it features technological innovations, car dealers, major manufacturers, historical events, the  influence of popular culture on car design and an illustrated timeline. 

20th Century Classic Cars is available to purchase, here.

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