The new $1 million Mercedes-Benz G63

The new $1 million Mercedes-Benz G63

The real Batmobile?

Move over Batmobile the ultimate specced out Mercedes-Benz G63, from Inkas Group, has arrived. Take a look at the highly specialised luxury armoured G-Wagon that could be yours for a cool $1 million...

The team at Inkas Group, a Toronto based armouring kit-out company, has taken the already powerful and high performing Mercedes-Benz G63, and given it a makeover that would make the Presidential motorcade seem only 'quite' secure in comparison. 

The new $1 million Mercedes-Benz G63 (фото 1)

The four wheel drive G-Wagon, already a leader in the market in its class, has been highly specialised to the tune of $1 million. This extraordinary security outfitting includes: electroluminescent bulletproof glass, full perimeter armouring that makes every part of the car impenetrable from high calibre ammunition, this even includes the floor of the car which can withstand certain ground explosions. Perimeter cameras have been positioned to ensure full 360 visibility and the whole look is finished off with a mean matte black paint job that aptly implies the car's armoured capacity. And this is only the outside. 

Anyone requiring his level of security, is surely both discernible and busy. As such, the interior of the car is able to function like a mobile boardroom with satellite connectivity and all the plush comforts of reclining fine leather upholstery and the benefit of a stretch passenger body, for ample space.