A wild walk with nature by Ryo Yamada

A wild walk with nature by Ryo Yamada

In Sapporo, Japan

Video: YouTube
Image: Spoon Tamago

As part of the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 exhibition titled 'Sprouting Garden' artist Ryo Yamada has created an installation that celebrates equality

Located on the serene, sprawling grounds of the Museum of Contemporary Art Sapporo is an elevated wooden pathway that extends out of a sloping hill, created by Ryo Yamada.

At 0.6 metres, the recycled wood installation is wide enough to allow only one person to walk. The artist's Air Garden was inspired by the origin of the word 'garden' which refers to an enclosed or protected land as in historical times, gardens were built to protect the lord's property and keep intruders from entering. 

Now, Yamada imagined the art piece to connect people with the infinite freedom of the sky. "This piece of art represents a wish we all have in common that is invisible: A passage that leads us closer to air, which is the symbol of equality and borderlessness." the artist expressed.