Introducing the Wi-Fi enabled 'Hemingwrite' typewriter

Introducing the Wi-Fi enabled 'Hemingwrite' typewriter

Distraction-free, at your fingertips

Image: Hemingwrite

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, right? It seems that writers living in a modern world full of Internet-related distractions would agree. Enter, the 'Hemingwrite'

It's a fact that the modern method of writing – i.e. by PC or Mac – contains too many distractions. Who knows how many inspiring books you have hidden in that brain, once you remove the need to check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc every five minutes.

The 'Hemingwrite' may just be the solution to your problems. It's crafted to look and feel like an old-school typewriter – complete with clacky-sounding keys – and boasts a high-contrast screen, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to Google Docs, Evernote and Cloud storage.

Vintage modernity, you may say. The device has been built with the sole purpose to return writers to, "the undistracted state needed to tap out a novel" and "pares the experience of writing down to its old school roots".

Introducing the Wi-Fi enabled 'Hemingwrite' typewriter (фото 1)

Old school

On the flip side, it also has a six-week battery life and houses enough memory to reportedly store more than a million pages.

But, alas, it's not available to buy yet, and is currently only an entrant in this year's Engadget Insert Coin tech design competition. 

Introducing the Wi-Fi enabled 'Hemingwrite' typewriter (фото 2)

Feel free to make this dream a reality by voting now, over on

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