Wedgwood reveals its $18k advent house

Wedgwood reveals its $18k advent house

The most luxurious way to count down to Christmas?

Grand designs: Wedgwood launches a new limited edition advent house for Christmas 2014

This extraordinary feat of craftsmanship first caught our attention when we were curating the Buro 24/7 Christmas 2014 gift guide for kids but such a standout piece deserves a closer inspection...

The iconic 24 piece advent house reveals a delightful Wedgwood blue and white Jasper ware porcelain ornament behind each window. Each ornament is presented in an individually numbered pouch. The house's rear doors open fully to allow safe storage of the ornaments. 

The beautiful house is handcrafted in the historic Wedgwood studio in England using a mixture of classical methods and a new laser cutting technique. Each house takes over 90 hours to create – Wedgwood even commissioned a specialist wooden toy maker to assist with the joinery construction. The remarkable Georgian architecture reflects the historical roots of Wegewood, which was founded during the reign of this particular style of building. 

Each Wedgwood Advent House (59.5cm x 63.5cm x 31.6cm) comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and details of each ornament and can be purchased exclusively from Wedgwood online or Harrods department store and will make the perfect and enduring family heirloom. 

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