The top 5 spots in the world to ring in 2018

The top 5 spots in the world to ring in 2018

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Text: Maddison Glendinning

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With the New Year mere days away (where did this year go?!), we're taking a look at the top spots around the globe to welcome in 2018. It's not too late to book your flight...

Many countries around the world stage elaborate displays to welcome in the New Year and it's tough to pick the top spot. Instead, we've rounded up the top five destinations around the world that will undoubtedly bring in 2018 with a bang. 

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


We can't go past our hometown when it comes to New Year's Eve. Though this year the evening is set to look a little different following the government's announcement that the iconic fireworks display on the Burj Khalifa is no more. Fear not however as instead we'll be treated to what is sure to be a spectacular light show in the same spot. It's also a Guinness World Record attempt so you know it's going to be good...

2. Sydney, Australia


Every year, Sydney puts on an epic fireworks display off its iconic Harbour Bridge and it certainly doesn't disappoint. The city puts on two displays, one at 9pm for families and one at 12pm (which is the bigger of the two) and with the Opera House, the Harbour and the iconic skyline serving as a backdrop it's one of the most Instagram-worthy spots across the globe. 

3. New York, United States of America

New York

More specifically, Times Square. This spot needs little explanation given it's one of the most famous New Year's Eve spots in the world. Almost one million people gather to watch the shiny disco ball drop at midnight in the middle of New York City but not before enjoying a concert by a big-name artist. The line-up isn't released until closer to the date (and we mean really close as it's still not yet known who will perform at this year's ceremony!) but it's worth a visit regardless. 

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The best location in Hong Kong to take in the fireworks is undoubtedly at Victoria Harbour. You'll need to get there early to secure your spot as it's the number one spot in the city to count down to the new year and see the city's impressive fireworks display. With views back over the city skyline and the impressive Victoria Peak behind, you'll see why it made the list as soon as you arrive. 

5. London, United Kingdom


A favourite destination for many here in the Middle East, London's firework display is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The display, which is set on the banks of the River Thames with views of the London Eye and Big Ben, is a 10-minute long spectacular that's more than worth the wait. 

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