The 7.35 metres vessel has a panoramic cabin, thanks to a disproportionate width of 3.5 metres, and – astonishingly – it can sleep up to seven people. In addition, the Jet Capsule is equipped with a Yanmar engine capacity of 325 hp, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 25 knots (46 km/h). The futuristic yachting boat is made in Naples, for a price of $40,000.


Lazzarini and Solla have considered four key interior aspects: the boat has ample seating, plus a kitchen area and a bathroom. An afternoon of sunbathing isn't a problem there's a roof deck chair installed for your convenience before finally, multi-coloured illumination lights that jazz things up once the sun goes down.

The Jet Capsule (фото 2)

The Jet Capsule (фото 3)

The Jet Capsule (фото 4)

The Jet Capsule (фото 5)