Revolutionising personal air travel with the Citycopter

Revolutionising personal air travel with the Citycopter

Adding a new dimension to transport

Image: Trend Hunter

After the recent unveiling of the Transition flying car, the world of transport seems to be looking towards the future – and this week it's with the new Fly Citycopter design

Designed by Eduardo Galvani, this new mini helicopter features a tri-rotor system that makes it quiet and easy to maneuver  an important quality to hold if there are to be multiple ones in the sky at a time. There is even a collision detector and auto pilot to keep the rider safe.

With a seating capacity for two people, the Citycopter design is aimed at providing a whole new dimension to travelling large distances. In addition to its small size, the personal helicopter doesn't even need a helipad for its landing. The Citycopter concept is also set have a 300 mile range and a top speed of 120 miles per hour...

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