The Run to Monaco returns for its third year

The Run to Monaco returns for its third year

The ultimate experience for an opulent adventure

Image: The Run to Monaco

This May, a swarm of supercars and their owners will drive through France with speed and exceptional style before they watch the Grand Prix aboard a superyacht as part of the Run to Monaco

From May 20 to 25, a remarkable journey that starts in England and ends in France will culminate at the most famous racing event of all time, at the Monte Carlo Street Circuit.

The itinerary begins at Leeds Castle in Kent which will see tour participants travel to France and start driving on a carefully researched route, which guarantees the most beautiful scenery. Accommodation along the way comes thanks to a number of exceptional hotels and châteaus, as well food served in Michelin-standard restaurants, several stars of Formula 1 even join the tour at various points.

Apart from the scenic and thrilling drive, entertainment is also provided from the likes of Cirque du Soleil to world-famous musicians.

The tour comes to a close once the Monaco Grand Prix concludes, with Run to Monaco guests able to watch the race from a superyacht moored the principalty's harbour. Upon the run's ending, guests will then be flown home by private jet and transportation of their vehicles will be arranged by event concierges.

The six-day long, super extravagant event is priced at around $57,600 per person, for two people travelling together in one car – including all accommodation, meals and superyacht access.

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