'Plaza-opoly' by The Plaza in New York

'Plaza-opoly' by The Plaza in New York

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A spin on the Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly board game, Plaza-opoly game features instructions, playing cards and themed board spaces in the same design – however New York themed...

It's already been an exciting week of news for the city and things are only looking to become more fun... Planned to be sold exclusively at the hotel's Plaza Boutique (for $60), players of the New York-themed Monopoly game  choose from six characters (Eloise’s pug dog, Weenie, and her turtle, Skiperdee, to name two), roll the dice to move around famous hotel rooms and suites along the way – The Plaza Food Hall, The Grand Ballroom, and even Home Alone 2, inspired by the film which was shot at the hotel.

'Plaza-opoly' by The Plaza in New York (фото 1)

Each destination comes with a value card that offers details about the location’s past. Players can take their winnings straight to the bank and whoever picks up the most expensive suites and other themed spaces is the winner of the game.

'Plaza-opoly' by The Plaza in New York (фото 2)

'Plaza-opoly' by The Plaza in New York (фото 3)

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