Object of desire: the macaroon suitcase by Moynat

Object of desire: the macaroon suitcase by Moynat

A luxury treat

Image: Moynat

A new trunk at for the pop-up event for the Le Moynat Trunk Show in Isetan Shinjuku, Japan – housing 64 Pierre Hermé macaroons

Creative director of Moynat - French accessories and trunk connoisseurs - Ramesh Nair unveiled this suitcase of goodness at the pop-up event 'Le Moynat Trunk Show' in Isetan Shinjuku, Japan. The trunk show, showcasing exclusive bags from the brand, started earlier this year in July in Paris followed by Tokyo and will visit 3 further cities around the world.

Nair invested over 385 hours to create this handcrafted, one-of-a-kind case housing 64 macaroons. He was inspired to create this piece after passing by Pierre Hermé in Paris, stating: "macaroons were considered a simple and basic French dessert. Pierre Hermé transformed them into luxurious sweets. I was touched by this story."



macaroon suitcase by Moynat

The trunks shape was inspired by the brand's Entrepneu trunk, created in the early 1900s the case was designed to fit into the center of a car's spare tire and store hats. Nair was also inspired by the Japanese flag's rising sun - circular and red. The creative director also shares the same principles as the Japanese explaining "Some of my points of design are respect, tradition, savoir-faire, craftsmanship, things like that. You connect places to your thoughts, and Japan always falls into place because of the love for design, the love and respect for tradition."

A luxury case for a luxury treat, Moynat has our mouths watering for both the unique suitcase and the delicious sweets. 

macaroon suitcase by Moynat

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