Bouncing baby: The limited edition £5,000 Silver Cross pram

Bouncing baby: The limited edition £5,000 Silver Cross pram

Balmoral Bespoke

Available only at Harrods, discover the new limited edition royal inspired pram from Silver Cross – Balmoral Bespoke – with a £5,000 price-tag…

Harrods presents the new definition of the royal carriage with the limited edition – Balmoral Bespoke – pram from Silver Cross. The heritage British baby-carrier brand has long been synonymous with kings, queens, princes and most recently, Princess Charlotte.

With only 50 of the luxury baby coaches produced, available exclusively at Harrods with a £5,000 price-tag, this is the ultimate set of wheels for any discerning infant. The opulent pram is handmade in England with a shining polished chrome body and beautifully soft fine leather hood and apron that is available in a range of colours. Its C-Spring chassis, provides the famous rock-a-by-bounce that Silver Cross is known for.

Other details include hand-stitching and solid wood handle, available in a choice of white or walnut finish. Each pram can be personalised with engraved plaques. 

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