The future has arrived: Watch the full Lexus hoverboard trailer here

Test drive

The highly anticipated full trailer for the Lexus hoverboard has finally landed. Take a look at the amazing gadget in action here…

The day has arrived that Lexus have released their full trailer for their futuristic hoverboard design. Take a look at the gadget in action in the video above, where test riders take the board out for a spin. There are some tricks and tumbles along way, as test skater Ross McGouran explains: 

"I've spent 20 years skateboarding, but without friction it feels like I've had to learn a whole new skill," said McGouran. "Particularly in the stance and balance in order to ride the hoverboard. It's a whole new experience."

Dr. Oliver de Haas, the CEO of evico, and a key member of the design team also offers us a bit more explanation into the inner workings of the amazing baord: "The magnetic field from the track is effectively 'frozen' into the superconductors in the board, maintaining the distance between the board and the track-essentially keeping the board hovering," he said. "This force is strong enough to allow the rider to stand and even jump on the board." 

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