Video of the week: Deaf father hears his daughter sing for the first time

Video of the week: Deaf father hears his daughter sing for the first time

A Christmas miracle

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A gift you wont find wrapped under the tree is something that Ken Stehle, a man who has been deaf for more than 50 years, received from his “little girl” that he will surely never forget; hearing his 15 year-old-daughter sing for the very first time in his life

Stehle, who lives in Saint Peters, Missouri, started wearing a special hearing aid and so his daughter Ashley decided she would like to test it out at her high school's annual Christmas concert earlier this month.

Ashley wore a special microphone that transmitted the sound of her voice to a receiver worn around her father's neck, which in turn sent a signal to his new hearing aid. Feeling positive, yet unsure as to whether or not the device would in fact do its job, the concert began and as a surprise to her dad, Ashley sang a solo just for him, "Daddy Please Come Home For Christmas".

A monumental day for father and daughter, Ashley's solo song was not included in the program in order to give her dad a complete surprise. Beginning the song singing and also signing the lyrics, Ashley soon noticed there was no need as the expression on her father's face clued her in. "He was just closing his eyes and listening to my voice. He didn't really care if he was seeing me because he has always seen me, he wanted to hear me and that was just awesome," she said. Equally delighted, her father expressed his gratitude "It's amazing. I had goosebumps all over me. I'm very proud of my daughter".

Following the completion of her performance, Ashley ran through the crowd to hug her dad while the audience applauded the both of them. A reminder not to take anything for granted, this Christmas miracle truly is inspiring, watch it below now...