Introducing 'CaseCam' – an all new way to take selfies

Introducing 'CaseCam' – an all new way to take selfies

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CaseCam is the world's most compact iPhone case and tripod and when paired with the free complementary app, it allows users to take pictures and video remotely using other IOS devices...

With a WiFi operated viewfinder, the CaseCam app – currently funding via Kickstarter – allows you to see what 'it' is seeing on the screen of another IOS device, enabling you to frame the picture you are taking – while you are in it. This eliminates the need to have a separate photographer to take the picture for you so that everyone in your group can finally get in the picture in one quick shot. In other words, the opportunities for a really good selfie are endless... And the photographer need never get left out of the photo again. 

CaseCam: Selfies ( And Group Shots) Made Easy

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