Skateboard – or 'Skateboart' – like Beyoncé

Skateboard – or 'Skateboart' – like Beyoncé

Grinding on that wood

Image: Skateboart Big Cartel

Taking over your Instagram hashtags since the debut of 'Drunk In Love', artist Aaron Rhodan takes the Beyoncé spirit to the next level with his new 'Skateboart'

After having a conversation with his sister on her love for Beyoncé, Brooklyn-based Aaron Rhodan was inspired to create something that embodied Queen B, and it's not a 'Surboart' but a 'Skateboart'.

The chic skateboards are made under Pbbt, which Rhodan says is less a brand and more an old graffiti name he uses to sell and promote his unique creations. The new creation is black and features the word 'Skateboart' on the deck ­ a humorous play on Beyoncé's catchy 'Surfboart'.