The Alen Yacht 68 by Foster + Partners

The Alen Yacht 68 by Foster + Partners

Slick sunseekers

Boasting 20% more space than most comparable vessles, the 68-foot Alen Yacht uses a unique flexible design, which leaves part of the design in the hands of the guests

Designed by Foster + Partners, the elegant yacht – which can travel up to 45 knots – was designed for the owner of the of the 184-foot Panthalassa ketch, and shares a similarly refined palette of modern materials and open-space planning. 

The versatile vessel can accommodate up to twelve guests, and allows for your choice of three cabins or more lounging space. Other features include bespoke furniture and luxe materials like bleached oak, white leather and white onyx.

There is also a black fabric screen, which can partially or fully enclose the seating area to protect the yacht in all weather, allowing you to roam the seas, come rain or shine. 

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