The service that aims to change the way you buy fashion in Dubai

The service that aims to change the way you buy fashion in Dubai

Meet 800 Tailor

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In a city where convenience is everything, and practically anything can be delivered to your doorstep, it was only a matter of time before visiting the tailor would become as easy as ordering in take-out...

We've all experienced the woes of parking problems and finding a space outside of your favourite tailor's shop, it's not a pretty situation. A quick trip to alter the hem of a dress, or create an entirely new design can feel more like a daunting task rather than a fun, fashionable update to your wares. 

So, the solution to the standard problem? Enter: 800-tailor. 

Co-Founded in 2012 by Sara Al Dimashki and her business partner, the goal of the business model was rather simple: to create a personalised and contemporary home delivery and pickup tailoring service that allows clients to be serviced in the comfort of their own home or location of choice. The company prides itself on maintaining a high level of workmanship, professional expertise and attention to detail with a strong commitment to its customers and delivery deadlines. 

The strategy is straightforward. The process begins with a phone call to the 800-tailor hotline where a representative will assist with appointments. Alternatively, clients are given the option to book an appointment themselves, through the online portal. After an appointment has been scheduled, a designated tailor will visit the client at their place of choice to take the necessary measurements and requirements. The tailors will then work on the garments at 800-tailor's production hub. Once all revisions and designs are complete, the item is packaged and delivered straight to the clients doorstep. 

Expanding the business, 800-tailor has recently opened its doors – at the newly opened and fully operational facility in Al Quoz – to clients who require mass production for their small, medium and large companies and organisations. 

A dedicated business to giving back, 800-tailor will also take your unwanted clothing and mend what needs mending before proceeding to distribute the items to charities across the UAE.

Prices for the convenient contemporary service range on average from 60-150 Dhs.  

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